Monday, October 25, 2010

A Cold Monday

This weekend is a good example of when life gets in the way of trying to be healthy and keeping stress at bay.  We ate out and that wasn't too healthy.  We didn't exercise and didn't get the chores done.  I've got a really bad attitude today. 

Having 2 batches of sprouts growing should cheer me up a teeny bit.  Two kitties meandering around here....that's something that usually cheers me up.  Douglass lost another pound.  And it's our 7th anniversary today and I'm so grateful for Douglass.  We are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate.  Enough with counting my blessings.   It's an autumn cold Monday and since I worked a 14 hour day on a weekend yesterday at MudSlingers my dishes are piled up and I'm not in the mood to go to work.  So I have a right to be grumpy. 

I'm still trying to find time to test out the wraps recipe.  I tried it with regular flour last week and it was incredible but I want to try it with sprouted wheat flour.  I got some sprouted wheat berries dried in the dehydrator Saturday so I can try to make sprouted wraps as soon as I get over being grumpy.  I need to put it into the food processor and see if it makes flour. 

I'm sprouting brown rice and experimenting with sprouting a medley of beans.  I bought the bean soup mix of beans that comes with a flavor packet in the bag.  Some of the beans in the medley are spouting -- like the Lima beans and lentils. 

Besides the fact that we did NO exercise this weekend and I didn't get to see Henry and Clementina things are not as gloomy as they seem.

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