Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tofu is Pre-Diabetes Superfood

I just had to know whether and how good tofu is for pre-diabetics.  I kept reading that it was good but I wanted the numbers.  It actually took me almost as long to find it on the internet as it did to make tofu yesterday.  Some days things just take longer.

Tofu is a really good food for pre-diabetics.  Wow.  It's right up there with green beans and steamed cauliflower -- 20 on the glycemic index.  That's really low.  

The Official Glycemic Index website says people with pre-diabetes should choose to eat more low GI foods, a ranking number of 55 or less, to help prevent fluctuations in blood sugar and the onset of diabetes. 

I'm going to try making some spicy tofu tomorrow.  Something to crumble on top of a salad or spread on a wrap.  Maybe sun dried tomato and basil, lemon tofu or something exotic tomorrow.  I'm soaking the beans right now and I want to spice it with something I have on hand.  I have garlic powder and diced green chilis, cayenne pepper...that's a way to go.   I read somewhere that you can add salt and flavorings to the curds before you mold them.

Here is the reference for how good tofu is for pre-diabetics.

The Glycemic Index
The glycemic index is a scientifically derived rating of how high a particular food will raise blood sugar within the first two hours after eating. This is important because higher blood sugars cause higher insulin levels in the blood which along with the higher blood sugar levels are detrimental to health. High insulin levels lead to increased appetite, increased fat storage (and thus weight gain), an adverse effect on cholesterol and ultimately an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Foods with a glycemic index of less than 50 are considered low, 50 to 74 medium and 75 and above high. Lower glycemic foods promote good health and weight loss. Though ratings can vary slightly, the glycemic index of edamame is 23, soymilk is 43, and tofu is less than 20. For comparison, here are the glycemic indexes of common foods: baked potato 158, white bread 100, whole wheat bread 99, apple 56, orange 47, kidney beans 42, whole milk 39, peanuts 21, meat, seafood and fish less than 20 and green vegetables less than 20.

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