Monday, October 18, 2010


The rice sprouts sat waiting for a rinsing overnight plus a whole day.  Oops!  I rinsed them this morning and they had just a tiny sprout on some of the grains so I decided not to push my luck by leaving them to sprout more.  If they sit too long without rinsing they can begin to sour.  When they have even just a tiny sprout they've already made their miraculous health giving transformation to POWER FOOD.  So I'm happy with them.  I put them in the frig in a tupperware with a paper towel and I'll cook them for dinner or breakfast or something.

The sunflower seed sprouts got the same neglect.  But they survived.  They have a good 1/8 inch sprout on many of the seeds too so they're in the frig with their sprout friends.  They'll go in a green salad I think.

I forgot the sprouts because I left before 8 -- Saturday morning -- without Douglass and went to Boulder.  Alicia wanted to take a run so I hung out with the twins and we made instant oatmeal -- a fun thing for  4 year olds.  They chose their little packets, emptied them into their bowl and I brought hot water from the kettle.  They had to stir v-e-r-y carefully and then they put brown sugar and milk on them and ate.  Henry was about to put about 1/4 cup of brown sugar before got my cue to intervene.   Clementine didn't take more than one small taste of hers but Henry ate all of his and then asked for more.

When Alicia got back we all took to wheels -- Alicia on rollerblades, Henry and Clementine on their scooters and me on Alicia's bike.  We rode down the creek path for about 1/2 mile to the park.  When we got there Alicia remembered she wanted to go to open houses today for the Boulder low income housing program so I said sure I'll go and so I played with the twins in the park while she rode the bike back, got the car and came back.  The kids did not want to leave.  They wanted to play more and to ride their scooters back home and ... wah wah.  We threaded ourselves into the car and went to Mad Greens.  Matt met us there and we ate salads and then went to Starbucks and got sweet vanilla milk for H&C, and coffee for Alicia.  The kids played on that playground for a few minutes with Matt while Alicia and I went into Victoria Secret and discussed each of the bras we saw and decided none of them would fit exactly right. 

The houses we saw were incredible.  I loved both of the new developments -- lowish squarefotting but high ceilings, super liveable layouts, and ample storage.  Alicia and I would like to get houses side by side so the kids would have more responsible adults around.  We want Arella and Justin to be next door too.  But ... I doubt if we'll move anytime soon anyway.

At 3:00 I rushed over to Naropa in Boulder.  A friend told me about a spiritual person, Braco, from Croatia who was going to do a "gazing" which I had never heard of so I was intensely curious.  A friend we all know got his hearing back after a gazing with Braco.  Braco was in San Francisco with something like 13,000 people who had come to see him gaze -- to gaze with him.  They said there were thousands of webcast participants as well.  At Naropa we had about what seemed like just over 200 people in the room.  I'm told it was all word of mouth - no advertising -- just a viral flyer.  His gazing came to us via live web cast.  His gaze helps people heal and improve their lives and it's all done spiritually not with words or music or touch or anything -- just his gaze.  I wanted to have Douglass healed -- no more pre-diabetes.  They said to keep your loved ones in your mind and they can be healed by Braco's gaze.  On the webcast after a few people talked a few minutes each, they played some cool music and then he came out and stood on a little raised platform.  He is middle aged, has nice long hair and wore a regular white work shirt untucked and jeans.  He never spoke but gazed with our group and thousands of others for about 7 to 10 minutes.  I felt some tingling in my spine.  I've had scoliosis all my life.  My posture straightened and my back felt nice and straight.  I'm not the skeptical type.  That's Douglass's role.  But when I told Douglass I held him in my mind to be healed too he said, "You're so nice."

The gazing had technical difficulties and was delayed an hour so they showed us a DVD of Braco.  The gazing didn't start till 5:53.  I had to get to my class in Louisville -- I teach pottery -- before 6:30 so I dashed out of there as soon as Braco finished gazing and rushed to get to my class.  I knew I couldn't make it in time.  I called Larry on my cell, no answer, to get him to go open the studio so my students could get started.  Sandy was home and (what an angel!) she went down and opened up greeted them.  I got there 5 minutes late.

I got home after 10 pm and made my dinner -- edamame in the shells and a veggie burger wrap.  Douglass had already made himself a veggie burger earlier so we ate the edamame together.

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